Tricolore detail on outside of Levante Trofeo Tricolore detail on outside window of Levante Trofeo
Tricolore detail of Levante Trofeo
The Trofeo-specific design elements constantly remind you that performance is a priority: from the front grille styled in Black Piano to the dark V8 exhaust pipes, from the dash of red on the Saetta logo to the Trofeo badge over the air vents. On the B-Pillar the Tricolore illustrates its audacious Italian soul.
Detail of side of White Levante Trofeo LEV_Minigonna
Detail of side of White Levante Trofeo
Your sporty attitude, stated. To further enhance the aerodynamic strength of the Levante Trofeo, we have merged carbon fibre elements for the front splitter, side skirts and bumper accents, with the lightness of the new aluminium hood featuring two boldly crafted heat extractors for improved cooling.
V8 Engine LEV_Motore_2
Closeup of V8 Engine
The striking details of the Trofeo continue under the hood. The engine cover and the cylinder heads give another touch of class to this luxury performance car. The powerful V8 engine is protected by sleek carbon fibre cover whilst a red accent decorates the cylinder heads.

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