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To get to your destination you can just move, but to travel is much more. Travel is a way to live new emotions, or to awaken the ones forgotten. Travelling is crossing the world with the desire to be amazed, realising that you are living, discovering every time the sound of passion, the power of nature and the thrill of exploration.

Maserati addressed a writer and a photographer in order to express these emotions, through their arts.

The first stop of this journey is the majestic and fickle territory of the mountain. Here you can discover how the storytellers and the Skiing World Champion Giorgio Rocca lived this adventure. Discover together with them THE SOUND OF PASSION.



Imagine a valley that ceases to sway because in four kilometres there’s a dam and a border. It’s the valley before you with its finis terrae attitude that proudly evokes ancient trade crossings, and lodging houses.


Now that you’re living, you can stop imagining. Listen. Don’t go too far: listen to the near space surrounding you. The car’s cockpit enveloping you is the safe womb of a wild animal.
Maserati Levante on snow
Maserati Levante


When you step on it, untouched snow compresses with a soft crackle; the sound too is subjected to unpolluted things; the empty space contracts. But let’s go further than sound, let’s feel the body.


At the top, the view changes. The engine rests, your heartbeat slows down, your gaze opens: you rest your feet on the line that you followed from the beginning of the trip, the line that separates white from blue.
Giorgio Rocca
Maserati Levante on snow


Drivers and skiers speak the same language. Semantically or physically, there’s no difference in how they face the slope they’re about to cover.


Livigno is a stone’s throw away, you’ll go back to fetch your things and leave that corner of the world that resembles a cluster of white cold pollen come from the North.
Maserati Levante on snow
Maserati Levante on snow Maserati Levante on snow


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