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Sebring - Second Series

Maserati Classic - GranTurismo Sebring - boîtier de vitesse

For the second series, the model that was now simply called Sebring received a restyling that involeved a new front with new chrome lining for the double round headlights, a new bonnet intake and side vents now located higher up on the front wings. The new tail lights were reminiscent of those on the Quattroporte, creating a strong rear-end resemblance. The choice of a larger 3.7L or 4.0L engine sourcing from the Mistral sister model significantly improved the Sebring's performance. Sales of the Sebring began to slow down after 1967 (due to the launch of the new Ghibli model) and in 1969 the last of a total of 598 Sebrings were produced for both series combined. Among Sebring customers was a young rising star in the world of opera, Luciano Pavarotti, and an Austrian crystal glass tycoon, Adrian Swarovski.

Data sheetSebring 3.5Sebring 3.7Sebring 4.0
Model codeTipo AM101/10Tipo AM101/10Tipo AM101/10
Body type2-door, 2+2 berlinetta2-door, 2+2 berlinetta2-door, 2+2 berlinetta
DesignMichelotti (Vignale)Michelotti (Vignale)Michelotti (Vignale)
Production years1964 - 19671965 - 19681966 - 1968
Maserati eraOrsi familyOrsi familyOrsi family
Numbers produced9413419
ChassisTubular steel ladder-frame platformTubular steel ladder-frame platformTubular steel ladder-frame platform
Dry weight1,520kg1,520kg1,520kg
Engine configurationStraight 6, double overhead camshaftStraight 6, double overhead camshaftStraight 6, double overhead camshaft
Maximum power235hp @ 5,500rpm245hp @ 5,500rpm265hp @ 5,200rpm
Top speed235km/h240km/h250km/h
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