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kolmapäev, 25. mai 2022. a

Global Premiere of the new Maserati MC20 Cielo

Explore the Maserati MC20 Cielo which will have its global premiere in May 2022. The model will come out in three configurations: coupé, spyder and electric.
kolmapäev, 25. mai 2022. a

Beyond the Sky with the new MC20 Cielo spyder

Go beyond the sky with the new MC20 Cielo, Maserati's new spyder. The MC20 Cielo has the spirit of a super sports car along with the thrills of a coupé.
esmaspäev, 16. mai 2022. a

Global Premiere of the new spyder: the MC20 Cielo

neljapäev, 7. aprill 2022. a

Maserati and ROKiT Venturi Racing Unite for Formula E

teisipäev, 22. märts 2022. a

New Maserati Grecale Global Premiere: a digital event

teisipäev, 22. märts 2022. a

Here comes Maserati Grecale, the extraordinary new SUV

teisipäev, 22. märts 2022. a

Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie: a special order from Mars

neljapäev, 17. märts 2022. a

News about 2021 results and road to electrification

esmaspäev, 28. veebruar 2022. a

Images of Maserati at THE I.C.E. St. Moritz in 2022

teisipäev, 15. veebruar 2022. a

The Maserati Family Fleet: Grecale takes to the streets

kolmapäev, 26. jaanuar 2022. a

Testing Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype in snow and ice.

Tests on the new Maserati Grecale SUV continue: this time in the Swedish glades. Discover why Grecale is exceptional even in freezing temperatures.
teisipäev, 11. jaanuar 2022. a

Maserati back to racing: debut in Formula E in 2023

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