Grecale in Rome

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Everyday is Exceptional. 
What about the night?


The new Maserati Grecale is a car designed to let the exceptional enter your everyday style. To put its features to the test there is nowhere better than Rome, the eternal city. Breathtaking cityscapes dappled with Roman ruins, Rome was the city for the greats of the past and now for those of the present. Like Grecale, it is simply the perfect place to discover the Everyday Exceptional.

The two tasked with putting the new Maserati V6 Nettuno engine powered Grecale Trofeo through its paces are talented Matilda De Angelis and Alessandro Borghi. Get ready for a Roman holiday on four wheels.

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The actors set out to discover the empty streets of Rome, taking us with them on their Grecale adventure. It’s impossible to not be in awe of Rome’s striking beauty: the ancient monuments that inspire contemporary forms in iconic Italian style have us dreaming of our own getaway. And just like they say, all roads lead to Rome. Our drivers also know how to slow down a minute, enjoying the incredible sights of Rome and all their neighbourhoods. Let them bring you on the Teatro Marcello stunning roads, follow the two Grecale across the bridges of the historical centre, and watch the full video to discover the city’s hidden gems in an exclusive Roman rendezvous. From Trastevere to the magnificent stage of Piazza Venezia, the roads of Rome smile for the Maserati Grecale as it roars in its monumental proportions, incredible views and the wide streets are just beckoning us to make this drive unforgettable.

Exclusive features, inimitable style

We let the marvels of the past inspire our projection into the future. Presenting some of the exceptional features of the Maserati Grecale. A timeless look that’s gone digital: your Grecale smartwatch features a customisable interface and intelligent voice interactions. It’s the luxury of always being in control. Harmonious design and luxurious comfort with the highest level of driving automation support available on the market, the new Maserati Grecale delivers maximum reliability whether in city traffic or on the open road.


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