On track at Phillip Island

Maserati Ultimate Drive Day Experience 2022
With much excitement, anticipation and after several postponements we were finally able to put the MC20 through its' paces at the world-renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Phillip Island circuits steep grades, fast straights and outlook over the cliffs to Bass Strait has made it a favourite among racing drivers across the globe.
With Maserati expert instructors on hand, MC20 customers and select media, where able to run full laps of the circuit before the instructors showed them how the professionals did it with some thrilling hot laps. It was a rare opportunity for owners to truly explore the full potential of the MC20, those that attended were more excited than ever to get behind the wheel of their very own supercar in the coming months.
The journalists who attended couldnt find a bad word to say or write about this phenominal car in their reviews.

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