LuggageCompartmentMat_esecutivo_QP LuggageCompartmentMat_esecutivo_QP
Luggage Compartment Mat
The Luggage Compartment Mat fits perfectly in your Quattroporte to protect every inch of the luggage compartment carpet. Washable and waterproof it guards against any traces of water, snow, sand, oil or mud that might be carried on your suitcase wheels. The mat is boldly styled and Maserati branded.
ReversibleLuggageComp_Mat_esecutivo_QP ReversibleLuggageComp_Mat_esecutivo_QP
Reversible Luggage Compartment Mat
From luxury luggage to snow-encrusted skiing gear, the Reversible Luggage Compartment Mat handles it all beautifully. With hard-wearing rubber (waterproof and easy to clean) on one side and plush black carpet on the other, the mat is extremely versatile. A handle on either side makes it easy to lift and position, while an elegant metal plate, hand-enamelled in black, brands it with the Maserati logo.
Qp-BootProtector_esecutivo_QP Qp-BootProtector_esecutivo_QP
Loading Edge Protective Mat
Designed to protect the edge of the luggage compartment and the rear bumper when loading or unloading, the Loading Edge Protective Mat extends almost to ground level. Manufactured in hard-wearing, non-flammable, and water-repellent material it guards against any knocks and scratches caused by moving heavy luggage.
Qp-BootNetNew_esecutivo_QP Qp-BootNetNew_esecutivo_QP
Luggage Compartment Net
The acceleration in your Maserati means belongings in the luggage compartment need to be contained. Our black Luggage Compartment Net is the ideal solution. Attaching firmly to the luggage compartment floor, it is double layered for extra security. By keeping small and medium sized items safely anchored, the net gives you the freedom to enjoy your drive all the more.
FoldableBox_esecutivo_QP FoldableBox_esecutivo_QP
Luggage Compartment Foldable Box
With its versatile design, the Luggage Compartment Foldable Box turns your luggage compartment into an even more practical storage area. The modular box is comprised of two large compartments with attachments and pockets for smaller items. Either compartment can be collapsed when you need more space for larger luggage, turning the Foldable Box into a Maserati branded leather-finish briefcase, perfect to carry your documents or a tablet.
Ski_SnowboardBag_esecutivo_QP Ski_SnowboardBag_esecutivo_QP
Ski & Snowboard Bag
Up to three pairs of skis, or a pair of skis and a snowboard, can fit tidily and securely inside your Quattroporte with the Maserati Ski & Snowboard Bag. Fold down one of the rear seats and the bag can rest in the space created between the passenger area and the luggage compartment. It attaches firmly to a hook in the luggage compartment, and to the rear seat with a sturdy strap. Depending on the length of your skis the bag can be extended by 30 cm.
QP-Luggage_esecutivo_QP QP-Luggage_esecutivo_QP
Luggage Set
Its effortless air of style marks out the Quattroporte Luggage Set as unquestionably Italian. In partnership with legendary leatherworkers Poltrona Frau, we have crafted a luggage set of full premium Italian leather. Exceptional in both its elegant, unfussy design and workmanship, each element of the luggage sports a contrasting trim and a subtle, tactile Trident logo. These six exquisite pieces fit inch-perfect into the Quattroporte luggage compartment for a truly efficient use of space: Large trolley case, Small trolley case, Suitcase, Holdall, Large beauty case, Small beauty case.

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