SkidPlate_Black_front_esecutivo_LV SkidPlate_Black_front_esecutivo_LV
Skid Plate
Adding a touch of dynamism and rugged style, the Skid Plates for the Levante protect the lower bodywork when you venture off-road. The Skid Plates come with a choice of finish: either Chrome or Black colours.
Gearshift_Paddles Gearshift_Paddles_vertical
Gearshift Paddles
Designed to provide the greatest gearshift control on any type of road, the Gearshift Paddles are made of frosted aluminum and are functionally linked to the steering column. A must-have for those who want to comfortably use the automatic gearbox in sequential mode, without affecting high performance levels.
LV_Pedal LV_Pedal
Sport Pedals
Far more than a striking design feature, the brushed steel Sport Pedals deliver maximum control for high performance driving. Carefully engineered rubber inserts keep your feet glued to the pedals. For an added touch of refinement the pedal covers bear the Maserati oval logo. If you didn’t originally configure your Levante with Sport Pedals, they can be easily retrofitted.

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