An SUV with the soul of a GT

Dynamic Suspension Layout
Double wishbone suspension layouts are another Maserati tradition. With the Levante, the all-aluminium set-up at the front is designed to ensure precise handling coupled with accurate and communicative steering. At the rear, a five-arm multilink system provides the perfect blend of comfort and dynamic performance. Both front and rear suspensions, meanwhile, feature anti-roll bars to keep the driving experience relaxed and enjoyable at all times.

Sport Skyhook System
The Levante features the Sport Skyhook suspension, which continuously adapts shock absorber damping to suit the situation. The system monitors body and wheel movement, damper settings and suspension height. Depending on the selected driving mode, the damping rate is then adapted separately for each wheel.

All versions of the Maserati Levante feature powerful Brembo brakes carefully matched to engine performance. The discs are dual-cast, combining the strength of cast iron with the lightness of aluminium to reduce unsprung mass and, therefore, increase handling prowess.

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