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We are at the climax. Your gaze lingers on something far away so to get a feeling of the distance that is yet to be covered. Find stasis in the general movement. And when you do feel the speed, feel the harmonious dance of technology and see how great humankind’s imagination can become at sea, and how precise on land. Pick it up, make it yours, it brought you here by land and by sea: straight to the destination of a journey that is a dialogue of technologies with a deep respect for all that is around. And thanks to an imagination that became design, performance is not only stable but improved. This is not the end, it's the end of the journey.

Far from the bay, the trimaran now turns to make its way back. The Ghibli reverses its course at a viewpoint that overlooks the sea. Everything stops for a second - the wind, the movement, us, the Sailor. From the sea, the crew of the trimaran looks up to the top of the cliff to see a point of white light reflected from a windshield that rests on the powerful, petrol-blue mainsail. Look closely, it can be seen all the way up there, where the Sailor salutes his sailboat and then nods to you before climbing back into the car to join it.