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Whether at sea or on land, speed is a vocation, and how to achieve speed is the commitment of entire lives.
Foils are an old, yet new system. Lowered blades that cut through water to straighten the boat and decrease its contact with the water, blades that allow it to fly over the surface of the sea. The speed now reaches 30 knots, the right hull raises a couple of meters while turning, the trimaran is headed north-east: it goes for an air current. The jib blows up and while the wind is fifteen knots, the sails build an apparent wind that pushes the fastest boat in the world to make you really taste its power. The wind precedes the wind, no weather systems to search for the best one are needed.
The Sailor sits at the helm and with his left hand smokes into all this wind, this sound, this speed, while the right hand brushes the hyper sensitive helm equipped with six sensors that Maserati engineers have installed to make this cathedral on water even more eloquent.

The hybrid system as well wasn't invented today - the first hybrid vehicle dates back to 1899 - yet it is today that, like the Foil, it was perfected and brought to its full potential. The Maserati hybrid is a patent from the research department: like on the trimaran, the predominant sensation is that of flowing on the balance of energy spent and saved, in a constant equilibrium between technology and nature. You roll down the window and feel the air carrying the resin of the larch trees flow through your nose and on your cheekbones to slide away quickly, forever.