Race 1 press conference

Race 1 press conference

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (1° Overall): “I realized that I was gaining on Ragazzi over the closing laps. I was in his slipstream for a while and moved out towards the end of the race, hoping he would make a mistake as his tyres were really worn.

"This is how things turned out and I made the most of it to take the chequered flag. I would like to dedicate the win to Sean Edwards who passed away last month and who I considered to be one of the best GT drivers around”. 

Mikkel Mac (2° Overall): “It was a great race but a strange one all the same. Kuppens, the overall leader, clashed with Barde at the first turn and was out of the running. So, I started going for it, trying to gain ground and as many points as possible. I climbed up to Cola’s shoulder and managed to get the better of him after a close fight. In the end I came second which is a good result, especially as I beat a rival in Ragazzi”.

Alberto Cola (3° Overall): “I’m used to it now: Mac always closes in on me in every race. It is traditional… Jokes aside, the race was similar to the one in Sonoma where I battled with Mac for long stretches. I was quicker than him in some sections of the circuit and tried to overtake him without much hesitation. I played a patient game throughout and perhaps bided my time too much as everyone started attacking when the white flag came out to signal that only one lap was left to run. I stepped on the gas then and managed to make the podium”.


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