The Trofeo celebrates its champions

Reanud Kuppens

The Trofeo celebrates its champions

It was like a scene from A Thousand and One Nights. Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration but it provides an idea of the stage Maserati prepared to celebrate a memorable 2013 season. The splendid, futuristic Yas Marina circuit hosted a gala evening to pay homage to the championship's stars after an intense year.

The track action was full of tight duels and great performances, all characterised by sportsmanship and respect.

Again, the stand-out driver was Renaud Kuppens but things were tighter this time out with more rivals in the Overall classification and in individual races. This was true at Abu Dhabi where Andrea Cecchellero and Ange Barde also topped the podium.

Another category winner was Denmark's Mikkel Mac in the 'Under 30' class and, especially, in the 'Pirelli Drivers' standings reserved to Trofeo cars. Mac caught the eye for his sportsmanship, speed and fight. He often battled against misfortune but his talent saw him claim two titles.

Joining Mac and Kuppens as title holders was Mathjis Bakker and Swiss Team. Bakker repeated last year's success in the 'Over 50' category while Swiss Team just pipped Konvex Motorsport, an outfit that Renaud Kuppens races for, thanks to Mauro Calamia's brilliant effort. For Bakker, who missed this round, it is an award that he earned on the circuit and that also included a few podium finishes.

For Swiss Team, the prize is just reward for the efforts in chasing down Konvex Motorsport for the entire season.

So, what better way to announce the 2014 calendar? A calendar from A Thousand and One Nights...


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