Race 3 press conference

Ange Barde

Race 3 press conference

Ange Barde (1° Overall, 1° Trofeo): “I am pleased to have ended the year with another win; the third in succession if you just consider the endurance events. Today Renaud got off to a great start but then I did well to overtake him at the second turn and move into the lead

The aim was to stay out in front so that I kept the tyres in good shape. I kept on pushing even after the pit stop as I didn’t want to take any risks. In the end I was able to celebrate. It has been a good day for me, my partners and for Maserati. I hope things go as well next year”.

Mikkel Mac (2° Overall, 2° Trofeo): “I wanted to claim the Pirelli Drivers Cup to make up for yesterday’s bad luck, when I was forced to retire. During my pit stop, the mechanics told me that my rivals, Ragazzi and Simoni, had pulled out after a collision. For me this meant the title was a mathematical certainty. Even so, I didn’t really feel satisfied and so tried to catch Barde, without any luck. I would like to thank Maserati for giving me the chance to drive in this excellent championship”.

Mauro Calamia (3° Overall, 1° Team): “I started from fourth and was soon behind Barde and Kuppens as they contested the lead. I managed to overtake the Belgian and then found myself in third because of the extra time they had to pit for. Overall, I am happy with how things have gone at Abu Dhabi as I finished on the podium three times”.


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