Free Practice

Abu Dhabi - UAE

Mikkel Mac

Mac's light shines bright

At the end of a session in which the red flag was shown, Mikkel Mac proved to be the quickest on the track with his 2:21.086.

The Dane continued the fine form shown in session one as he drove on a floodlit circuit to prepare for the second race here in Abu Dhabi.

Mac, who is still hoping to snatch the world title from reigning champion Kuppens, finished .017 ahead of an improving Cecchellero/Fascicolo. Kuppens, came in third, a shade under four tenths off his rival's time. Behind him came De Leener/Sbirrazzuoli, Ragazzi/Simoni and Gobbo/Mantovani. The top seven, a group that finished within less than a second of each other, was rounded off by Calamia as he showed how competitive he still is.

Ange Barde and Patrick Zamparini struggled a bit more than they did in the first session and were the two who suffered most from the break, even though they set decent lap times. Another stand-out driver was Pierre Marie De Leener, tenth overall, ahead of Mario Cordoni and Andreas Segler.

Segler and Tani Hanna, twelfth and thirteenth, also put in solid laps as they lined up again after both competing in the 2011 Trofeo Middle East.

Free practice 2

1 22Mikkel Mac2:21.086
2 7Fascicolo / Cecchellero+0.017
3 1Renaud Kuppens+0.387
4 14De Leener / Sbirrazzuoli+0.458
5 23Ragazzi / Simoni+0.888
6 41Gobbo Mantovani+0.942
7 35Mauro Calamia+0.972
8 88Ange Barde+1.137
9 8Patrick Zamparini+1.494
10 24Pierre Marie De Leener+1.821

Barde comes out on top in the shootout

The Trofeo competitors today got their first taste of the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. In the end Frenchman Ange Barde, winner of the last two endurance events at Sonoma and Shanghai, set the quickest lap in free practice.

His 2:20.559 was .440 up on Renaud Kuppens and .543 better than Mikkel Mac's time. The two title chasers got their bids off to a decent start in what promises to be the meet's most eagerly anticipated battle.

The session saw the lead swap hands more than once: Barde was first to top the leaderboard but his time was soon lowered by Ragazzi/Simoni. Towards the end, Kuppens and Mac kicked off their personal duel with the lap times slowly improving all round until Barde posted the winning lap.

The opening free practice session gave the drivers the chance to get to know the Formula 1 circuit with the drivers chasing pole (Barde, Kuppens, Mac, Zamparini, Calamia, Cordoni) within seven tenths off each other.

Behind them Cordoni, De Leener/Sbirrazzuoli, Ragazzi/Simoni, Fascicolo/Cecchellero and Gobbo/Mantovani closed out the top ten.

Free practice 1

1 88Ange Barde2:20.559
2 1Renaud Kuppens+0.440
3 22Mikkel Mac+0.543
4 8Patrick Zamparini+0.704
5 35Mauro Calamia+0.718
6 30Mario Cordoni+0.797
7 14De Leener / Sbirrazuoli+1.431
8 23Ragazzi / Simoni+1.486
9 7Fascicolo / Cecchellero+1.510
10 41Gobbo / Mantovani+1.636

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