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Giorgio Sernagiotto

Sernagiotto secures pole

Giorgio Sernagiotto grabbed pole in the second qualifying session. Like session one, this was another workout held in light rain that made the Spanish track a tad more slippery.

The winner of the 2009 Challenge Ferrari-Trofeo Pirelli set 1:37.868 on the ninth of his ten laps. The lap was beyond the rest of the pack and turned out to be the quickest of the weekend so far. Next to him on the front row is Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Racing) who stopped the clock at 1:38.283. The Belgian covered seven laps but still managed to do better than in session one.

One row two is Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team) as he continued his progress this weekend to edge out Riccardo Ragazzi (1:39.221) by .204. The driver from Padova, who was hampered in free practice by a red flag, ran eleven laps and will be another driver who will have to keep an eye on his tyres tomorrow.

Youssaf El Marnissi (1:39.350) also covered the same ground as he produced an unexpected but convincing performance. The Moroccan promises to be one of the surprises tomorrow and will be lining up next to Stefano Gardelli (1:40.259).

Ninth went to Fabrizio Macchitella (1:40.290) as he broke into the top ten for the first time this weekend. Just behind him is Alberto Vescovi (1:40.323) who laboured a little after a superb free practice.

Sergio Garcia and Alessandro Chionna (AF Corse) will share row five with Moroccan Larbi Tadlaoui and Dane Mads Rasmussen tucked in behind them. Rasmussen is improving all the time as he feels more at home on the track and in the car. In fifteenth will be Edo Varini, flanked by 'Blumax'.

On row nine is German Thomas Herpell and Hungarian Bela Csiszer. Next up are Pierre Marie De Leener and Daniel Waszczinski (Konvex Racing), with Andreas Segler, Alberto Nicolucci and Alvaro Rodriguez Quiroga at the rear of the field.

Romagnoli, last minute pole

Riccardo Romagnoli has secured top spot for the opening round of the 2012 Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC. The Italian posted his time of 1:38.374 on the very last lap of the session. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli had held pole until then but could not better his 1:38.660.

The entire session had seen the two, one from Monaco and the other from Rome, going at it hammer and tongs. Renaud Kuppens (1:39.160) kept an eye on things from a distance as he set the third best time in the twenty-minute qualifying session.

In the end Romagnoli edged it, even though he had to cover eleven laps to do so, six more than Sbirrazzuoli and four more than Kuppens. This could prove decisive in tomorrow's race.

Completing row two is Fabio Venier (1:39.566) as he repeated the good form he showed in free practice. Behind the Swiss driver will be Alan Simoni (1:39.580) and Giuseppe Fascicolo (1:39.631). The fact that the two are separated by less than a tenth goes to show just how tight things are at Jarama.

On seventh and eighth, respectively, will be Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team, 1:40.023) and Tiziano Cappelletti (1:40.071) who both bettered their free practice lap times. Closing out the top ten is Alberto Vescovi (1:40.897) and the Moroccan Youssaf El Marnissi (1:41.014).

Row six has an unusual look with the two slots occupied by Australian Richard Denny (1:41.021) and Moroccan Ismail Sbai (1:41.991). Sbai finished just up on four drivers bunched within a second of each other: Fabio Debeaumont, Fabrizio Macchitella, debutant Mads Rasmussen, from Denmark, and Jaime Hernandez, in the Bowers & Wilkins VIP car.

On row nine are Carlos Rodriguez Quiroga and Andreas Segler, followed by Belgian Adrien de Leener and German Thomas Herpell. Bringing up the rear are Daniel Waszczinski (Konvex Racing), Anita Toth and Alberto Nicolucci.

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