Free practice

Imola - ITA

Renaud Kuppens

Kuppens first in Free Practice 2

When the monitor flashed up the times at the end of the second 40-minute session, Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Motorsport) was right there at the top. The winner of the endurance race at Portimao improved his lap by over a second (1’53”819) to edge out Ragazzi/Simoni by 74 thousandths.

Also bettering their time were third-placed Fascicolo/Sernagiotto (1’54”414) as they beat the morning pace-setters, Romagnoli/Varini (1’54”675), by two tenths.

Stefano Garelli’s fifth spot (1’54”883) highlighted how well he has got to know the GranTurismo MC Trofeo at the Santerno circuit. Sixth went to Sabbatini/Lorenzini (1’55”391) with Vernier/Gardelli (1’55”726) and Swiss Team’s Dromedari/Pigoli (1’55”849) up next.
Sorti/Durante (1’56”035) and Bakker/Serafino (1’56”732) took the remaining top-ten slots.







Free practice 2

1 99Renaud Kuppens1:53.819
2 23Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+0.074
3 7Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+0.595
4 2Riccardo Romagnoli / Edo Varini+0.856
5 51Stefano Garelli+1.064
6 33Alberto Sabbatini / Luca Lorenzini+1.572
7 66Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+1.907
8 11Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+2.030
9 19Roberto Sorti / Davide Durante+2.216
10 8Mathijs Bakker / Ferdinando Serafino+2.913

Romagnoli/Varini, an ok start

The Romagnoli/Varini duo topped the standings in free practice thanks to the 1’53”662 set by the expert Italian. Sixteen laps were covered, more than any other car on track during the 40-minute session, one not run against the clock. Behind the crew from Italy-San Marino came Ragazzi/Simoni, whose 1’54”279 saw them continue the fine form displayed in the last round at Portimao. Clocking third was the Vanier/Gardelli crew, just 0”890 off the morning’s best time. Renaud Kuppens (1’54”627) took fourth.

Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna (1’54”909) and Fascicolo/Sernagiotto (1’55”108) claimed fifth and sixth, respectively; row four will be occupied Sabbatini/Lorenzini (1’55”514) and Sorti/Durante (1’55”878) with Dromedari/Pigoli (1’56”114) and Garelli (1’56”262) completing the top ten.








Free practice 1

1 2Riccardo Romagnoli / Edo Varini1:53.662
2 23Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+0.617
3 66Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+0.890
4 99Renaud Kuppens+0.965
5 36Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.247
6 7Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+1.446
7 33Alberto Sabbatini / Luca Lorenzini+1.852
8 19Alessandro Pierguidi+2.216
9 11Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+2.452
10 51Stefano Garelli+2.600

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