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Romagnoli quickest in the second free practice session

Just 2"995 separate Riccardo Romagnoli, fastest in the second free practice session, from the Sernagiotto/Fascicolo duo, in twelfth.

In between are ten drivers bunched within a few tenths of each other. The Dromedari/Pigoli crew, 85 thousandths off Romagnoli, again showed how competitive they were. Also on form was Ange Barde, fourth, who posted a time slightly quicker than Venier/Gardelli.

Fifth went to Renaud Kuppens, as he repeated his solid performance from the first session, to lead Ragazzi/Simoni. Dutchman Mathijs Bakker took seventh and Richard Denny eighth. Belgian Adrien De Leener closed out in ninth and Johnny Laursen, from Denmark, made the last top ten slot his own.








Free practice 2

1 2Riccardo Romagnoli2:17.309
2 11Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+0.085
3 66Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+0.349
4 88Ange Barde+0.763
5 99Renaud Kuppens+0.894
6 23Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+1.614
7 8Mathijs Bakker+2.161
8 15Richard Denny+2.254
9 14Adrien De Leener+2.509
10 6Johnny Laursen+2.604

Herpell first in free practice

The first day of practice in the fourth round of the Maserati Trofeo was the perfect taster for the action to come. Things were well balanced in the fight to see who edges the 'European' series in the single-make championship.

Thomas Herpell took a few by surprise with his 2'15"267, a lap on which he slightly cut a corner. The German headed the Fascicolo/Sernagiotto duo and Riccardo Romagnoli; Sernagiotto's time was set on the very last lap of the 45-minute session.

Taking fourth in the Team series were Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna (AF Corse) as they bettered Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Racing) and Ange Barde, making his Trofeo debut. Th ex-European Ferrari Challenge champion made the most of free practice to get to know the car. The hard work paid off as his times improved the longer the workout went on.

In seventh and eighth are two other crews going for the title: Ragazzi/Simoni and Dromedari/Pigoli (Swiss Team). Behind them is the Venier/Gardelli duo and Stefano Garelli.





Free practice 1

1 56Thomas Herpell2:15.267
2 7Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+1.531
3 2Riccardo Romagnoli+2.068
4 36Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+2.210
5 99Renaud Kuppens+2.568
6 88Ange Barde+2.752
7 23Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+3.016
8 11Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+3.207
9 66Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+3.441
10 51Stefano Garelli+4.500

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