Race 3

Infineon Raceway - USA

Kuppens dominates

Kuppens stormed to another win in Race 3. His advantage over second-placed Alex Popow, from Venezuela, was 12 seconds.

The 50-minute race began with a crash at turn one between Greg Tracy and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli. Their cars ended up in a dangerous spot and the safety car had to be called for. Kuppens started pulling away four laps in when the race started up again. A four-car train was having its own private race: behind Kuppens came Popow, Dromedari and Simoni. Down the field the drivers with jostling for position with a few straying off the track.

Denny stood out as he was first overtaken by Venier and Fascicolo before going toe-to-toe with Columbian Felipe Merjech.

The driver change window opened on lap 8. Before the drivers headed into the pits, the race order read: Kuppens, Popow, Dromedari, Simoni, Fascicolo, Merjech, Denny, Garelli, Azcarate, Venier and Tadlaoui.

With the compulsory pit stops out of the way, the Belgian’s lead extended to 6.701 seconds over Popow. The gap between the fourth-placed driver and the chasing pack was up to 18 seconds. Pigoli and Ragazzi were busy chasing down the leaders but came together on the main straight. Coming off worse was Ragazzi and he was hit with a drive through. Van Overbeek suffered the same fate while Pierre De Leener and Jonathan Bekker clashed on lap 22.

The final laps turned into a procession for Kuppens. He crossed the line all alone to celebrate a brilliant one-two. This gives him a 24-point margin going into the final round of the Maserati Trofeo in China. With the Trofeo Europa already safely in his pocket, the Belgian is now hunting the world title. Following him across the line were Popow, Pigoli, Sernagiotto, Bakker, Gardelli, Denny, Azcarate, Ragazzi, Tadlaoui, Merjech, Van Overbeek, Segler, Nielsen, Hedman, De Leener, Rasmussen, R. Ockey, Kordestani and Becker.

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