Post-race 2 comments

Post-race 2 comments

Fittipaldi: "I enjoyed it in the Quattroporte Evo and can't wait for Portimao"

Christian Fittipaldi: "I am overjoyed with my first outing in the International Superstars Series in a car as competitive as the Maserati Quattroporte Evo. Swiss Team's management was truly professional. My only regret is not doing as well as I would have done if I'd had more time to prepare in the car. Unfortunately, my time at the wheel in this season's Superstars will be limited; I will only be appearing at Portimao and Vallelunga. Next year I will compete in every stage. This was another tough race. One lap 1 I was rammed and collided with another car. I didn't have much grip for the rest of the race and this might have been because the tyre pressure was off or a result of the compromised aerodynamics. I really enjoyed the early duel with Kristoffersson but then I had to give way because there was nothing I could do to combat the all-wheel drive on his RS5.

Larini also got past me at the halfway point but this was only because his C63 AMG's bigger engine delivers much more power; I only caught him because he was having technical problems. I grabbed fourth with a good overtaking move on Gabellini, at Tosa. Roll on Portimao: it is a circuit I know and I will have more experience in the Quattroporte Evo. Also, the Maserati will be even more competitive in Portugal as Portimao rewards agile and manoeuvrable cars like the Maserati berlina".

"I got to know the Quattroporte Evo better at Imola"

Mauro Cesari:
"On the one hand I am pleased because the car is gradually improving and I am getting to know it. In Race 2 I stuck to the leaders for longer; for me the most enjoyable part of the race was when I managed to keep pace with them. This was why I hoped to do even better but I was held up behind Mugelli for ages. His C63 AMG is really hard to overtake because its bigger engine and greater power takes it away on the straights.

I hope things get even better at Donington. To get the most out of the weekend, I will need a few more laps behind the wheel of the Quattroporte Evo in private tests but this isn't on the cards right now because I am so busy with work. Even so, I will be more prepared at Donington than I was at Imola. The layout of this weekend's circuit has allowed me to see how the car and Hankook tyres handle, something that was impossible to do at Monza. In round one it all came down to straight-line speed and power".