Fittipaldi: "I hope to pick things up quickly in the Quattroporte Evo"

Christian Fittipaldi: "I am looking forward to making my Superstars debut. This year I will only be racing in three events, one of them at Imola, a circuit where I last appeared in 1994. Sadly, this was the weekend when Ayrton Senna died, a loss that was really tough to take. Even after all this time, I don't think that it will take too long to get the reference points into my head, though the track has changed a bit. What is completely new is this championship: I don't know the other drivers or the Quattroporte Evo. Still, I reckon I can adapt quickly as I have competed in a few series, ranging from F1, Carts, Nascar Stock Car, Grand Am, Alms and Le Mans. I even raced lorries in the Formula Truck Brazil; at first they look a bit clumsy but they are more like track cars than you might expect. This doesn't mean that Imola will be straightforward; the series is a competitive one with top drivers and so I will have a lot to learn. I hope to qualify in the first 8-10. My aim is to do well this year so that I can go for the title next season".


Cesari: "Imola is my favourite track"

Mauro Cesari:
"I like Imola. It is one of my favourite circuits. I remember when, in 2009, it was raining and I was on slicks but still managed to get to the finish; I thought I would run off the track at each turn. I prefer Imola to Monza, where we ran the first race and where it is all about power. At Imola, what counts is handling and the car's agility and so the Quattroporte Evo should feel more at home. The Maserati is a great car to drive in mixed stretches. It is fun. I think I am getting to grips with the car but need to build up a little more experience in it as I only started driving 'standard' cars in 2009. I was a bit unlucky at Monza with a mechanical problem; now it has all been sorted out by Swiss Team and so I think that we can aim for a qualifying spot in the top ten. In Race 1, I want to finish in the top eight so that, in the second race, when the grid order is based on the result of Race 1, only inverted, I can do even better".