Imola - ITA

Fittipaldi's Maserati deals with an early scare to finish fourth


It was another action-packed race for Maserati in the second International Superstars Series race at Imola. Christian Fittipaldi, in the Quattroporte Evo fielded by the private Swiss Team, managed to come home fourth despite being caught up in an early collision. The damage to the front left of his car was considerable but he battled on. Mauro Cesari, Fittipaldi's team mate, also did well to close out in ninth after starting from twelfth.

Everyone thought that Fittipaldi would have to call it a day after the accident. In the bunch on lap 1, the ex-F1 driver was rammed by Andrea Larini in the Romeo Ferraris Mercedes C63 AMG. The Mercedes was then ploughed into from behind by another car causing Fittipaldi to career into one of the cars in front of him.

Even with the aerodynamics on his Quattroporte Evo shot, the Brazilian somehow managed to stick with the leaders. On lap 3, he was holding fifth behind Andrea Boffo, in the Roma Racing Team C63 AMG, Sini's Chevrolet Lumina, from Solaris, and Gabellini and Biagi in the Dinamic BMW E92s.

On the next lap, an irresistible Johan Kristoffersson in the four-wheel drive Audi RS5 from Audi Sport Italia overtook Fittipaldi. The Audi had already pocketed Race 1 and went on to record its second win of the weekend. Still, Fittipaldi kept fifth when Sini retired. The Brazilian drove on the very edge trying to defend his position from Larini, completing some eye-catching controlled skids along the way. The tactic was working but then Larini made his C63 AMG's bigger engine count on one of the straights to overtake.




Post-race 2 comments
Fittipaldi: "I enjoyed it in the Quattroporte Evo and can't wait for Portimao"


Poast-race 1 comments
Fittipaldi: "Overtaking Pigoli was amazing"


Post-qualifying comments
Fittipaldi: "The potential is there but I don't know the Quattroporte Evo that well"



01Kristofferson Johan28:01.915
02Biagi Thomas +3.317
03Boffo Andrea +11.956
04Fittipaldi Christian +16.212
05Schoffler Thomas+16.479
06Gabellini Stefano+16.843
07Larini Andrea +20.931
08Caldarola Nico+27.620
09Cesari Mauro +31.994
10Bettini Sandro+32.324


01Kristofferson Johan27:39.500
02Larini Andrea+8.039
03Biagi Thomas+13.888
04Sini Francesco+20.293
05Fittipaldi Christian+26.685
06Liuzzi Vitantonio+27.750
07Gabellini Stefano+28.478
08Boffo Andrea+35.225
09Schoffler Thomas+35.706
10Pigoli Max+46.936



01Kristofferson Johan1:49.548
02Larini Andrea1:49.677
03Biagi Thomas1:49.759
04Morbidelli Gianni1:49.825
05Liuzzi Vitantonio1:50.128
06Sini Francesco1:50.230
07Schoffler Thomas 1:50.467
08Pigoli Max1:50.638
09Fittipaldi Christian1:51.387
10Gabellini Stefano1:51.423