Imola - ITA

Imola Circuit

Set in the hills of Romagna, Imola’s Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit is a one that is steeped in history.
The modifications made to the layout after the terrible accidents in 1994 have not taken anything away from its fascination. In fact, new and spectacular stretches of track have been added.

After the short main straight comes the Tamburello chicane, a quick ‘S’ that calls for precision and speed in changing direction. The driver has to make the most of the kerb coming out of here to pick up pace for the Villeneuve chicane. A step on the gas is needed before taking on Tosa, a slow left-hander where care has to be taken on the exit so that the car doesn’t oversteer when the accelerator is pressed again. From this point it is full on until the tricky Piratella, then just a dash of brakes to get the racing line right before pushing on downhill towards the double Acque Minerali curves, perhaps the most difficult section on the circuit.

The first curve, to the right, is superfast. Then comes a sharp braking point, more acceleration and then more quick braking for the Variante Alta. This is a right-left-hander where the driver has to get the exit line right so that he is set correctly for the upcoming long straight. It is back on the brakes once more at the end of this stretch before another key section: Rivazza, two left curves separated by a short straight that are taken almost flat. Again, the racing line is crucial because the home straight comes up next.