Hungaroring - HUN

Klien steers the Quattroporte Evo to its first win of the season

The second race in the International Superstars Series at the Hungaroring was action-packed. Spins, off-track excursions, nudges and mechanical faults made it very watchable.

In the end the Maserati Quattroporte Evo, fielded by the private Swiss Team, came through courtesy of Christian Klien. This was his first outing in the Maserati, and in this FG Group series, and he had done well to take fourth in Race 1. Mauro Cesari again missed out because of a bevel gear that broke during free practice.

Starting on fifth - the top eight positions are the reverse of the Race 1 finishing order - Klien got off to another flyer and was in third by turn 1. Once more he found himself on the outside line and had to take a trip off the track to avoid the jostling in the leading pack. Things were tight behind Klien with Michelisz, driving a team Giudici BMW M3 E92 spinning after being clipped by Fumi, in another BMW, this time fielded by team Giudici.

The ex-F1 star made it back onto the track in seventh, just before Zurcher's Mercedes C63 AMG, from Romeo Ferraris, seized top spot thanks to an aggressive move on Ferlito. Ferlito's Jaguar XF/R5.0 S/C, from team Ferlito, had started on pole but was now back in fifth. Larini, who had lined up in second in the other Romeo Ferraris Mercedes, now found himself behind Biagio, third in the BMW M3 E92 fielded by Dinamic.




Comments after race 2
Klien: "My Quattroporte Evo was perfect"


Comments after race 1
Klien: "What a start!"


Comments after qualifying
Klien: "We are in great shape for the race"



01Klien Christian 27.20.926
02Liuzzi Vitantonio +9.777
03Biagi Thomas +12.098
04Fumi Franco+14.547
05Gabellini Stefano +16.574
06Zurcher Camilo + 20.142
07Meloni Paolo +21.332
08Sini Francesco + 23.473
09Larini Andrea + 41.396
10Schoffler Thomas +4 laps



01Liuzzi Vitantonio 27:05.669
02Biagi Thomas+0.539
03Michelisz Norbert+3.544
04Klien Christian+5.935
05Kristoffersson Johan+10.664
06Zurcher Camilo+24.533
07Larini Andrea+48.891
08Ferlito Domenico+49.144
09Fumi Franco+49.173
10Schoffler Thomas +57.591



01Liuzzi Vitantonio 1:52.513
02Michelisz Norbert 1:52.941
03Morbidelli Gianni 1:53.174
04Schoffler Thomas 1:53.285
05Biagi Thomas 1:53.301
06Klien Christian 1:53.413
07Kristoffersson Johan 1:53.528
08Gabellini Stefano 1:53.933
09Zurcher Camilo 1:54.227
10Pigoli Max 1:54.498