Comments after qualifying

Comments after race 1

Fisichella: "Getting to know the car was harder than I expected"

Giancarlo Fisichella: "In all honesty, things in qualifying didn’t go as I expected. Having said this, I came to Vallelunga with no knowledge of the Maserati Quattroporte Eco and just a few days after F1 testing with Ferrari. Making the shift between two such different cars was tough as this car is much heavier, less powerful and has much less grip because of the tyres used in the series. Everyone has had trouble with grip. Having just two 30’ practice sessions isn’t enough to understand how the Quattroporte Evo handles or to learn how to get the best out of it. I was always up in the top six or seven on the track and I thought I’d improve in qualifying but there was a lot of traffic out there. In ended up colliding with a slower driver and broke my suspension. Even so, there was nothing we could do to stop the Audis: their performance was out of reach and, I think, it will be the same story in the races”.

Cesari: "I am 0.3 down on Fisichella; I can live with that"

Mauro Cesari: “Given the current situation with our Maserati’s penalised, I am satisfied with my performance. I don’t think we could have done any better. Even if he hadn’t collided with that other driver, I don’t think that even Fisichella could have gone quicker. So, I am pleased with my display and think I drove well. I set a lap that was just 0.3 seconds off Giancarlo’s and, for a driver of my limited experience, it was a decent showing. There is also just a second between sixth and fourteenth in qualifying and so it promises to be an exciting race.
The Audis are way ahead of everyone else. They have too much of an advantage; they are on another planet! They were already super-competitive and it doesn’t seem right that they have been handed even more of an edge for this round. Still, all the drivers will have to keep an eye on tyre wear; none of us had that much grip and this will be a key factor in the race”.