Free practice

Vallelunga - ITA

Pier Guidi again

The driver from Tortona stopped the clock at 1'43.246 to top the timesheet in the second free practice session. Pier Guidi again edged out his pal and team mate in the International Superstars series, Andrea Bertolini; the two appear for Swiss Team in the Quattroporte Evo. In provisional third was another first session confirmation in AF Corse.

Nicolò Piancastelli set the fourth quickest lap of 1'44.635, a lap that saw off the two drivers making a comeback: Manuel Villa and Emanuele Smurra, who competes in the Team series. Seventh, in 1'45.453, came Gaetano Ardagna with eighth going to Tuscan David Baldi. Daniel Waszczinski really improved on session one by bettering his lap by over three tenths. Tenth came journalist Massimo Arduini, who finished ahead of Swiss Team. For the Swiss squad it was a day to forget as mechanical problems limited Durante and Grassi to just a few laps each. Closing out the field were Justino Riveroll Azcarate, Olivier Doeblin, Andreas Segler and Guenther Forster. The Maseratis took to the track in the second free practice alongside the GT Cup entrants (with 26 cars on the track). The same combination will share the starting grid in tomorrow's, Saturday 17 September, race.

Free practice 2

1 46Alessandro Pier Guidi1:43.246
2 33Andrea Bertolini+0.260
3 30Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.085
4 3Nicolò Piancastelli+1.389
5 24Manuel Villa+1.395
6 31Emanuele Smurra+1.985
7 90Gaetano Ardagna+2.207
8 23David Baldi+2.816
9 37Daniel Waszczinski+3.164
10 18Massimo Arduini / Massimiliano De Giovanni+3.540

Pier Guidi and Bertolini dominate in free practice 1

As expected, the two star drivers, Alessandro Pier Guidi and Andrea Bertolini, dominated today's free practice. Vallelunga, not far from Rome, is the circuit where the seventh round of the Trofeo Maserati is being held.

The two Maserati drivers are competing in the Superstars championship this year, turning out for Swiss Team in the Quattroporte Evo. The two are competing as guests this weekend in the penultimate round of Maserati's single-make series and so will not pick up any points.


It only took a few laps for Pier Guidi and Bertolini to occupy the top two positions on the timesheet. The session was the first this weekend in which Trofeo entrants shared the track with cars from the Italian GT championship. In all, there were 39 cars out on the circuit, including GT2, GT3, GTC and GTCUP drivers; the first Maserati placed 15th. Just behind Pier Guidi and Bertolini (who posted 1'43.451 and 1'43.879, respectively) were overall Team leaders, Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna, from AF Corse, and Emanuele Smurra, making a Trofeo return after missing a few races. In fifth, (19th overall) came Nicolò Piancastelli, whose 1'44.539 saw him better Manuel Villa and the other title pretenders: David Baldi and Gaetano Ardagna.


In ninth came Swiss Team's Durante, followed by Riveroll and Olivier Doeblin, from Scuderia Jolly. Andreas Segler came twelfth, tracked by Daniel Waszczinski. Massimiliano De Giovanni (from Millionaire magazine) and his team mate Massimo Arduini, from the Odeon television channel, finished fourteenth. This first forty-minute session was interrupted three times when the red flag signalled that track crews were moving cars from dangerous positions on the circuit.

Free practice 1

1 46Alessandro Pier Guidi1:43.451
2 40Andrea Bertolini+0.428
3 30Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+0.938
4 31Emanuele Smurra+1.006
5 3Nicolò Piancastelli+1.088
6 24Manuel Villa+1.580
7 23David Baldi+2.245
8 90Gaetano Ardagna+2.536
9 36Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+3.178
10 25Justino Riveroll+4.115

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