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Baldi responds to Piancastelli

It looks like being a close run thing at Valencia. The second qualifying session may have seen a new name, Baldi, top the timesheet but the three main players were unchanged.

Aside from the Tuscan, whose time of 1:44.062 was the day's best, there was Nicolò Piancastelli (second, 0.321 down) and Gaetano Ardagna (third, 0.632 down).

On the track, third was taken by Lebanese driver Joseph Ghanem but race officials later relegated him down the grid after damaging a tyre. The twenty-one year old drove well but will have to fit a new tyre, something that, according to the rules, means he starts from last spot. Ghanem was unlucky but at least he will have the benefit of having a new set of tyres tomorrow. For the record, Ghanem will not be at the very back of the field as Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (who set the fifth best time) will have that honour after also damaging a tyre.

1.559 off Baldi is Mathis Bakker, again in a Swiss Team car. This time he is alongside Davide Durante, who took pole in the Team category. Behind the Swiss driver is Dutchman Mark Kroes (1:46.023), the other Venezuelan Justino Riveroll, German Andreas Segler, Belgian Daniel Waszczinski and Spaniard Jaime Hernandez.

Another Belgian, Pierre Deleener, took thirteenth as he again beat his son Adrien (sixteenth). Hungarian couple Csiszer and Toth, are fourteenth and fifteenth, respectively. Carlo Romani came in last.

The session was held on a dry surface as the drivers avoided the heavy rain that came down in late afternoon by just a few seconds.

Piancastelli takes the first point

Nicolò Piancastelli's lap of 1:44.467 saw him grab pole and the first point on offer at Valencia.

Piancastelli was pumped up as he aimed to close the gap that separates him from the two leaders, David Baldi and Gaetano Ardagna. The two leaders, however, did not just stand around and watch: the Venezuelan set the second best time (1:45.273), with the Tuscan driver making third his own in 1:45.404.


In fourth came Dutchman Mathjis Bakker, followed by Swiss Team's Matteo Grassi, appearing in the Team series and who also took pole in his category. In sixth came another Dutchman, Mark Kroes, whose 1:46.816 placed him ahead of Spanish journalist Jaime Hernandez (1:47.059), a guest in the Trofeo Maserati who will not collect any championship points. Hernandez competed in Maserati's single-make series in 2010 and writes for Marca Motor e El Mundo magazine. Next on the starting grid will be Andreas Segler, Justino Riveroll, Alessandro Chionna (in the Team series), Pierre Marie De Leener, Daniel Waszcinski (another Team driver) and Tani Hanna.


Bela Csiszer, Adrien Dellener, Anita Toth and Carlo Romani fill the remaining spots.

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