Hungaroring - HUN

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna

Kiss in total control

An uncatchable Norbert Kiss took pole position for tomorrow’s second Trofeo race at the Hungaroring. The Hungarian was so fast that he had no real challengers in the timed twenty-minute session.

The lap of 1’54”948 with which he earned his pole seemed to be set with ease. Another factor that gave the feeling of complete domination was the fact that Kiss needed only four laps to top the leaderboard. Alongside Kiss will be his fellow Hungarian Janos Vida (1’56”301), but Vida is one of the two guests appearing here and so will not pick up any championship points. The two put their knowledge of the track that lies on the outskirts of Budapest to good use. Nicolò Piancastelli and Phil Bastiaans will occupy row two.


The young Romagna driver (1’56”641) again showed that he had mastered the almost four kilometre track better than the rest of the pack while the Dutchman (1’56”768) lapped quickly and consistently. Behind them come Gaetano Ardagna (1’57”200) and Renaud Kuppens (1’57”266) who both ran nine laps; quite a lot. The distance covered could play a decisive factor in tomorrow’s race. Swiss driver Davide Durante (1’57”538) took seventh in a time that was much improved on his free practice lap.


Durante qualified ahead of series leader David Baldi (1’57”899) who opted to keep his tyres in good condition for the race. Closing out the top ten is Sabino De Castro (1’58”028), another driver who bettered his practice lap, and Andrina Gugger (1’58”303), the quickest of the women drivers. In eleventh came Emanuele Smurra and alongside him Alessandra Neri. Thirteenth and fourteenth spots were taken by Matteo Castiglioni and Alessandro Chionna, respectively. Andreas Segler, Béla Csiszer and Anita Toth wrap things up for tomorrow’s 14.35 race.

Kiss stamps his authority in qualifying

In taking pole position, Norbert Kiss proved he knows the Hungaroring like the back of his hand. Kiss managed to get the better of fellow Hungarian Janos Vida, just three tenths back: Kiss stopped the clock at 1’55”878 and Vida at 1’56”139. Race 1 will take place tomorrow at 9.50.

Third went to a brilliant Phil Bastiaans (1’56”743) who continued to improve his lap times. The Dutchman was one step up on Nicolò Piancastelli (1’57”730), who also made progress after Friday’s shakedown. Renaud Kuppens (1’58”242) came in fifth, edging out Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, to confirm the pace he showed on Friday.


Sbirrazzuoli, the youthful Monaco-based driver (1’58”276), set a decent lap even though he had trouble getting into the groove in Hungary. Tuscan David Baldi (1’58”373) did not finish in the leading places but has kept his tyres in good nick for tomorrow after running only five laps. Next to him on the grid will be Andrina Gugger (1’58”403) who improved as the twenty-minute session went by. Gugger, from Switzerland, will be looking over her shoulder at Gaetano Ardagna (1’58”462) with Davide Durante and Sabino De Castro up next.


A tight first turn is expected as the drivers from 3 to 10 on the grid are more or less at the same level. The sixth row is home to Emanuele Smurra and Matteo Castiglioni who are both struggling to learn the layout. Next come Alessandra Neri and Andreas Segler with Béla Csiszer and Anita Toth bringing up the rear.

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