Hungaroring - HUN

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Hungaroring circuit

Found 19km outside Budapest, the Hungaroring hosted the 1986 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary.

The circuit is renowned for being slow and full of bends. In 2003, the layout was modified and now measures 4381 metres; during the work, the main straight was extended to make overtaking easier. The succession of curves at the Hungaroring takes a lot out of the drivers physically.

The first curve is found at the end of the 788 metre main straight. It is a severe right hand hairpin that is followed by a semi-right that leads, in turn, to an easy-ish left curve. The asphalt here is bobbly and it is crucial to pick up enough pace in this section before turn 3. This section includes a brief uphill straight and then a very quick left hander, taken blind, where mistakes can easily be made.

The slow right hand turn 5 prepares the driver for the right-left chicane where it is important to ride the kerb going in. Getting the racing line spot on is fundamental at turns 8 and 9, sticking left coming out of turn 8 to gain speed for 9 as it is downhill from here into a short straight.

Turns 11 and 12 are separated by a straight while drivers will recall the second last curve for its uneven surface. The entry to the final curve is always gritty and from there it is onto the main straight. The surface is very slippery here and makes the blind exit even harder to judge.




  • Pirelli
  • Sparco
  • Gullwing
  • Menabue
  • Canti
  • Proteam
  • Vuesse