Spa - BEL

An all-Maserati front row

Maserati doubled up in the sixth round of the International Superstars Series at Spa. On the dry and in the wet, the two Quattroporte Evos, fielded by Swiss Team, dominated free practice and the timed sessions.

The performances were good enough to give the Maseratis front row slots for both races.

On a wet track, Andrea Bertolini grabbed pole position with a time of 2'52"532. He was followed by Alessandro Pier Guidi who posted 2'53"556. Just behind them placed Luigi Ferrara and his Mercedes C63 AMG from Caal Racing; Bertolini’s direct rival for the title could do no better than 2'54"208.The Quattroporte Evo’s supremacy was clear whatever the weather.

The Maseratis were quick in free practice, run on a dry surface, thanks to Bertolini’s 2'29"384 and Pier Guidi’s third in 2'29"890. Splitting the Maseratis was Francesco Sini who put in a lap of 2'29"775 in the Ferlito Motors Jaguar XF/R5.0The performances are even more impressive considering that Spa is one of the most challenging circuits on the calendar. With its fast curves, the way the track rises and falls, the downhills and downforces, the rapid changes of direction and, above all, the famous Eau Rouge and Radillon sequence, the Belgian track extends the most expert drivers and the most competitive cars.

The circuit tends to favour cars that are evenly balanced in terms of weight and aerodynamics

The Quattroporte Evo’s superb displays are the result of the collaboration between Swiss Team and Maserati Corse, which has been providing technical back-up to Guido Bonfoglio’s team since the start of the year. The team also got positive feedback from the recent tests held at Mugello, a track with similar characteristics to Spa and where the team was able to try out different set ups for Belgium.


In Race 1, the two Quattroporte Evo drivers will be in the best shape to get what they set out for: the win that Bertolini needs to stay in the title running. After the incidents at Misano, where Andrea clashed with another driver and Alessandro suffered a technical problem, the Swiss Team pair will be ballast-free. This means that their tyres and brakes will come in for less punishment and they will be able to drive consistently for the whole race. However, Race 2 will depend on how the first race goes and on how much weight is added to the cars.


The battle with the Mercedes C63 AMGs will be really hard as the German cars have bigger engines and more power. Overall leader Luigi Ferrara, even with a 30kg weight handicap, will have the edge in the uphill sections and on the Kemmel straight.