Post race 2 comments

Portimao, the race

Post race 2 comments

Bertolini: "Let down by debris on the track"

Andrea Bertolini. "To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. Having a tyre blowout in both races is too much; in the second I could almost taste victory. I am also really disappointed for Swiss Team, who work very hard and for Maserati Corse, who provide the support. This time the cause of the blowout was debris on the track, probably from an earlier crash. I first felt the tyre lose pressure and then came the blowout as I started to brake for turn one. I was really annoyed in the car. The only consolation is that I have now shed all the handicap weight and will line up for the next race with only the minimum weight assigned to the Quattroporte Evo. This means that I should be more competitive".


Chiesa: "I needed this comeback!"

Andrea Chiesa: "After the start to the weekend that I had, I am pleased. Sixth is nothing special but it is still a positive result if you consider that I lined up in thirteenth and, above all, that I was held up a little by Romagnoli for a few laps even though I was quicker than him. I also felt happier in the car as it is now running sweetly after the problems we had in free practice and qualifying were sorted out. The team, supported by Maserati Corse, has to take credit for the work carried out during the weekend. I went onto the track on Friday at Portimao in a completely new Quattroporte Evo. The car had only been finished a few days earlier and still had to be track-tested so a few teething problems were inevitable. This was because the team expected to only run one car in the series and Bertolini only joined late so my car was prepared in record time".