Bertolini: Portimao excites me, here the driver can make a difference

Andrea Bertolini at Portimao, 22nd May 2011

Andrea Bertolini: "Portimao excites me, here the driver can make a difference"

Andrea Bertolini. “I enjoy Portimao. Last year, in the Maserati MC12 GT1, I came out on top here after a tough World FIA GT race."

Andrea Bertolini: "I have also run loads of tyre tests and tested the A1 GP single-seater here. With a succession of curves and a track that rises and falls, Portimao is a bit like Mugello.

It is a track that really has to be driven and where, in two or three places, the driver can make the difference. For sure, I won’t be in the best shape with my 50 kg handicap after Valencia.

I will have to be more careful with the tyres because of the added weight and, at Portimao, tyres come under a lot of stress anyway. So, I think the best strategy will be to drive a ‘cute’ race, finish near the top to bring home a few points and, at the same time, ditch some weight ahead of the next race where we will have to attack.

I think that the BMWs will be competitive here and especially Thomas Biagi as he will have a car that is not handicapped