Portimao - PRT

Portimao, the race

The wheel of...misfortune

Another tyre problem hit Andrea Bertolini's Maserati Quattroporte Evo at the third round of the International Superstars Series.

This time the consequences were more serious for Bertolini and the privately-owned Swiss Team squad. 

At Portimao, despite having a 40kg weight handicap, Bertolini was leading and heading for a win in the second race when a tyre problem struck. In Race 1 it was a damaged front left tyre that gave out a few hundreds metres from the finish that let him down. Luckily he only slipped one position, from third to fourth. This time it was the front right that exploded. The incident came after the Maserati driver had moved into the lead at the start of the race and was holding a healthy advantage. Number one spot came after Bertolini smartly outdid poleman Alberto Cerqui and his BMW M3 from BMW Italia.




Post race 2 comments
Bertolini: "Let down by debris on the track"


Post race 1 comments
Andrea Bertolini. "I hoped to finish on the podium despite being hit with a 50kg handicap. I was a bit upset at only just missing out. Still, it could have gone worse: if the tyres had gone even a few hundred metres earlier, I would not have even got fourth".


Post qualifying comments
Bertolini: "A loop of death"


22/05/2011 Portimao

01Biagi Thomas28:23.229
02Cerqui Alberto+1.649
03Gabellini Stefano+18.962
04Pigoli Massimo+24.339
05Ferrara Luigi+33.670
06Chiesa Andrea+38.935
07Romagnoli Riccardo+46.486
08Dromedari Andrea+59.585
09Cesari Mauro+1:01.091
10Bettini Sandro+1:11.998


22/05/2011 Portimao

01Biagi Thomas28:15.249
02Cerqui Alberto+2.529
03Gabellini Stefano+8.844
04Bertolini Andrea+23.643
05Ferrara Luigi+29.253
06Armetta Fabrizio+34.435
07Pigoli Massimo+35.805
08Cerruti Michela+39.596
09Chiesa Andrea+47.632
10Romagnoli Riccardo+51.449


22/05/2011 Portimao

01Cerqui Alberto1:51.174
02Bertolini Andrea+0.156
03Biagi Thomas+0.345
04Gabellini Stefano+0.362
05Herbert Johnny+0.581
06Ferrara Luigi+1.009
07Pigoli Massimo+1.256
08Cerruti Michela+1.339
09Sini Francesco+1.636
10Armetta Fabrizio+2.369