Monza - ITA


Chiesa, Maserati’s first podium

The rolling start to race 2 saw a repeat of the earlier event with the Mercedes driven by Pigoli, Ferrara and Cerruti moving into an early lead.

Chiesa was just behind the leaders but skidded on a patch of oil on lap 3 and Sini’s Jaguar XF stole his spot.

Halfway through the race came the excitement: Pigoli and Ferrara’s tyres started wearing down and first Pigoli’s front left tyre had a blowout, followed by Ferrara’s front right. Up front, Cerruti was having gearbox trouble and spun but she managed to hold onto her lead with Sini and Chiesa closing in.

The chasing pair battled it out with Sini just edging Chiesa into third by 0”23.

A puncture holds up Bertolini

In race 1, the Mercedes with their bigger and more powerful engines, got off to the better start: tucking in behind Pigoli was Michela Cerruti.

 Bertolini stuck to the two German cars and was soon harassing Cerruti for second sport, making the most of the Quattroporte’s superior handling in the mixed stretches of the circuit.

However, Bertolini was forced to pull out with a puncture on lap 9, when in Cerruti’s slipstream.