Monza - ITA

Andrea Chiesa

Monza circuit

Monza is the only remaining circuit where speed plays a part.

The track in Lombardy, set in splendid grounds, is an example of a circuit that has now all but disappeared from the international scene. Despite the numerous modifications made to it over the years, the track maintains the particular characteristic it has always been known for: high speed.

The circuit is distinguished by three fast straights interrupted by some tricky sections. The intimidating Lesmo and Parabolica curves demand high grip levels to keep in contact with the surface. The first section offers the driver an overtaking opportunity as the cars have to brake sharply going into it. The Roggia stretch also throws up this possibility, especially if the driver manages to deal well the Curva Grande.

Lesmos, though, are now a little easier to negotiate after the recent changes to the track. The skill of the driver will be tested going through Ascari and the Parabolica where, allowing the car to slide and exploit all of the available track space, will save precious tenths of a second.