Misano - ITA

Misano race track

The international circuit of Misano is found a few kilometres from Rimini and Riccione. Work started on the complex in 1969 with the first races being run in 1972.

Extensive modifications were made in 1993 when the track length was extended to 4060 metres. The pit lane facilities were upgraded with the addition of a press room.

The track is characterised by the high number of curves and chicanes, linked by some high speed straights. The varied nature of the circuit renders Misano a very difficult one to judge for the driver. He has to find the right set up so the car is competitive on the straights while ensuring enough has been done to get him through the slower sections. The first part of the circuit is fast – from the Carro curve until Tramonto – and the second half slower.

If the first half of the circuit is designed for speed, the second will reward drivers whose traction is spot on. The slippery top to the asphalt does not drain well and so makes it even trickier to get things right. One of the most spectacular curves is the technically demanding Misano, found at the end of the start-finish straight. Tramonto is found at the end of the main long straight and is ideal overtaking terrain. The new part of the track is characterised by a series of curves, the Arena chicane, Rio curve and the Parco chicane, from were it is back into the home straight.