Post race 2 comments

Alessandro Pier Guidi

Post race 2 comments

Andrea Bertolini: "I did say that I would only be going for points in Race 2 but I was hungry for more."

"Winning the first race made me push on and so I went for it in Race 2. Also, couldn't let the opportunity go by. The car was spot on, even with a 30 kg weight handicap. This was thanks to the great work done in the interval by Swiss Team and Maserati Corse to tweak the set up and reduce tyre wear. I didn't have any trouble at all in Race 2 and I managed to set the quickest lap, something that earned me an extra point. The two wins will mean a 60 kg handicap for the next race at Misano. This is the maximum allowed but I will compete knowing that the weight was earned with two victories at Donington”.


Alessandro Pier Guidi:Sixth in the first race and third in the second: I improved and am pleased at having done so. This means that we worked well as a team between the two races where Bertolini’s input was important as he has more experience in the Quattroporte Evo. I raced at a much higher rhythm in Race 2 and I tried not to push too hard and stress the tyres. This year, the tyres have a softer compound and you need to know how to manage them. Third place was won by letting the two ahead of me, Ferrara and Cerqui, battle it out. When Cerqui left a gap trying to sneak past Ferrara, I attacked. I then held off Biagi by focusing on getting the racing line right so there was no way through for him. In the end, the chasing drivers managed to get past him”.


Maurizio Leschiutta:We needed a result like this! As ever, Bertolini was superb; we are lucky to have a driver-tester like him at Maserati. This was an important weekend after the disappointments of Portimao when he suffered punctures in both races: in Race 1 when he was in third and then slipped to fourth and in Race 2 when he had to retire after being in the lead. If something similar had happened at Donington we would have been out of the title chase. As things stand, Andrea is now in second, just 4 points off leader Ferrara, while Biagi is 11 points off Bertolini in third. I am sure the title will be a three-way fight between them. We will also be counting on Pier Guidi who did an excellent job despite only having covered 165 km in the Quattroporte Evo."