Post Race 1 Declarations

Post race 1 declarations

Niek Hommerson: "I took the lead after Sperati and Ardagna Perez's accident and managed to hold off the others until Nicki Pastorelli crept up on me".

Nicky Pastorelli: “I was a fantastic race and I really enjoyed myself. I had to start from the back and rightly so after having to replace a damaged tyre. I started hard but also tried to stay out of trouble. It wasn't easy as I had to overtake a lot of other drivers. Even so, I managed to take the race lead at the halfway stage and, from that point on, I tried to dictate things. I had to deal with a slight technical problem towards the end and, even though it was sorted out very quickly, I lost top spot. Once I was back into my rhythm I was able to get back up into first and held on to take the chequered flag".

Niek Hommerson: "Obviously I am really happy with how the race went. I think that some other drivers saw the green light before I did and so it was really tight going into the first curve. But, the confusion aside, I didn’t have any great problems. I tried to look after the tyres and didn’t want to push them too hard in the early stages. I took the lead after Sperati and Ardagna Perez's accident and managed to hold off the others until Nicki Pastorelli caught me. From then on I decided it was best to track him rather than take him on and the strategy paid off”.

Kris Wauters: “It turned into a fine race, especially after managing to avoid the crash between Sperati and Ardagna Perez that happened right in front of me. Preserving my tyres was the main concern, even though this was tougher later on. Moncada made things even harder when he closed in. We went at it but, luckily, I managed to finish ahead of him”.

Enrico Moncada: “I am over the moon with how things went, especially as I started from the very back after changing a tyre at the end of free practice. It was great because I was forced to overtake a lot, though I did hold back for the first few laps. Once I had got going, it was all-out attack until I tagged Wauters. I couldn’t get past him but we put on a great little duel”.

Jonathan Sicart: “A fine race for Peter (Kutemann, ed) and me even though I had a little problem with the gearbox. Still, this didn’t prevent me winning. I am happy with the result especially because we were unsure about the weather ahead of the race”.

Peter Kutemann: “I had loads of fun and that includes spinning on lap two when the tyres were still cold. My last time at Zolder was in 2007 when I drove a Maserati MC12; a very different car to the GT4. It was important to finish the race and collect championship points”.

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