Free practice

Zolder - BEL

Sundberg and Goldstein take the first free practice session

The Colombian-Swedish pair lived up to their pre-event billing as they topped timesheet in the first free practice session.

Making the most of series leader Sergio Rota's absence, Goldstein and Sundberg have a great chance to take the overall lead. They got off to a flying start in the forty minute free practice, one held on a dry surface with below average temperatures for this time of year (12°C air temperature; 19°C on the track).

Peter Sundberg's time of 1:41.166 could not be matched by the other drivers. Next up was Nicki Pastorelli (1:42.371), making a return to the Maserati after competing last year in the GT4 at Spa-Francorchamps. The Monaco based driver edged out Paolo Necchi (1:42.847) and Smurra/Piancastelli (1:43.196).

Fifth went to Kris Wauters, the event's guest driver. The Belgian, who appeared in the 2005 and 2006 editions at Spa in the Trofeo Maserati, covered the 4 km track in 1:43.258.

Six drivers are bunched within a second of each other, including Sperati/Mazza (sixth in 1:43.323), Niek Hommerson (1:43.810) and the Zumerle/Frazza crew (1:43.932).

Further back are Moncada/Petrini, Andreas Segler and Marcel Pawlicek.

Over in GT4, Kutemann (1:46.950) was quickest with Jonathan Sicart occupying second (1:50.567).





Free Practice 1

1 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein1:41.166
2 10PastorelliNiki Pastorelli1:42.371
3 16NecchiPaolo Necchi1:42.847
4 28Smurra/PiancastelliNicolo Piancastelli1:43.198
5 18WautersKris Wauters1:43.258
6 12Sperati/La MazzaRoberto Sperati1:43.323
7 25PerezGaetano Ardagna Perez1:43.810
8 2HommersonNiek Hommerson1:43.847
9 4Zumerle/FrazzaPietro Zumerle1:43.932
10 9Moncada/PetriniMarco Petrini1:44.302

Sundberg and Goldstein uncatchable in session two

A quick look at the classification from free practice 2 and you'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing had changed from the first session: Goldstein/Sundberg are again out in front, with Niki Pastorelli and Paolo Necchi behind them.

Session two was run in warmer conditions with the sun taking the temperature up to 17°C (and 30°C on the track). Another change was the smaller time gaps between the drivers. Of the top three, Sundberg posted a time of 1:42.014, the young Monaco driver stopped the clock at 1:42.575 and Paolo Necchi closed the gap to 940 thousandths from the Swede.

Kris Wauters is settling nicely into the car as seen by his time of 1:43.633, good enough for fourth. A convincing Ardagna Perez came next (1:43.683), just ahead of Smurra/Piancastelli (1:44.305). Also making progress is the duo of Moncada/Petrini (1:44.718) and especially Jonathan Sicart (1:44.918), the first of the GT4s.

Andreas Segler improved all the time and placed his GranTurismo MC Trofeo in ninth (1:45.305); tenth went to Sperati/La Mazza (1:45.663). It was a tough session for Niek Hommerson and, especially, Francesco Maggi, who was escaped unhurt from a crash. Thirteenth was taken by Kutemann, at the wheel of the GT4, with the final placings filled by Zumerle/Frazza and Marcel Pawlicek.




Free Practice 2

1 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein1:42.014
2 10PastorelliNiki Pastorelli1:42.575
3 16NecchiPaolo Necchi1:42.954
4 18WautersKris Wauters1:43.633
5 25ArdagnaGaetano Ardagna1:43.683
6 28Smurra/PiancastelliNicolo Piancastelli1:44.305
7 9Moncada/PetriniMarco Petrini1:44.718
8 32SicartJonathan Sicart1:44.918
9 5SeglerAndreas Segler1:45.305
10 12Sperati/La MazzaRoberto Sperati1:45.663

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