Free practice

Oschersleben - DEU

Gaetano Ardagna Perez

Ardagna quickest in session one

As at Brno a month ago, Venezuelan driver Gaetano Ardagna was fastest in the forty minute free practice session. This time round the scene was Oschersleben, this morning, and on a dry track.

Ardagna posted his time of 1:39.192 on lap 13, outdoing 'director' Paolo Necchi, who had topped the leaderboard up to that point.

The previous laps had seen a few Trofeo drivers going for it, including Necchi (ultimately second in 1:30.231) and Emanuele Smurra (third in 1:39.561).

Over the opening laps, Italians Moncada, Sperati and Zumerle had contested top spot. Also standing out was Austrian debutant Sven Heyrowsky, who, after taking a few laps to settle in, managed to come fourth in 1:39.708.

Of the overall leaders, front man Goldstein closed out in sixth spot (1:39.931) with Zumerle (second overall and a point back) finished in ninth (1.41.060).

The top six are all grouped within a second of each other.



Free Practice 1

1 25ArdagnaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.192
2 16NecchiGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.231
3 28SmurraGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.561
4 21HeyrowskyGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.708
5 49SperatiGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.873
6 6Goldstein/SundbergGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.931
7 27RotaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:40.041
8 18NaumannGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:40.878
9 4ZumerleGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:41.060
10 9MoncadaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:41.157

Smurra grabs the fastest lap

Ardagna failed to double up in this afternoon's second free practice session and had to be content with the fourth best time of 1:39.370.

Emanuele Smurra was quickest in 1:39.036 (set on lap 14) as he edged out Paolo Necchi (1:39.129). Another second spot for Necchi was proof of how at home he feels on this circuit. Bettering his time and placing from the morning was Pietro Zumerle (1:39.183) who came home third.

Heyrowsky got off to a strong start but could not match this morning's consistency and slipped to eighth behind Goldstein/Sundberg (fifth in 1:39.435), Sergio Rota (1:39.605), who ran into the sand at turn 7 right at the end of the session, and Enrico Moncada (1:39.665).

There was not much that separated the drivers in the forty minute stint with the fastest runners bunched less than a second apart.

The two German journalists, Naumann and Gebhardt, are on row five, with Francesco La Mazza and Mariano Bellin tucked in behind them. Thirteenth is Andreas Segler with Herpell in fourteenth as he makes his debut in the 2010 Maserati championship.

On row eight is Tiziano Frazza and Ladas, from Greece. Bringing up the rear is the Santamaria/Schaper crew and Swiss driver Pawlicek.


Free Practice 2

1 28SmurraGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.036
2 16NecchiGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.129
3 4ZumerleGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.183
4 25ArdagnaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.370
5 6Goldstein/SundbergGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.435
6 27RotaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.605
7 9MoncadaGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:39.665
8 21HeyrowskyGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:40.682
9 18NaumannGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:40.752
10 8GebhardtGranTurismo MC Trofeo1:41.033

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