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Capelli on pole, Rota takes the point

The twenty minute session to decide the grid order for race 1 witnessed a close fight between Rota and Villa. The two swapped the lead before Ivan Capelli stopped the clock at 2’00"775 just under nine minutes from the end.

With this performance the Milanese driver edged out Sergio Rota, from Bergamo, by four, decisive, thousandths.

In third placed Manuel Villa, whose consistent driving saw him post 2’01”392, a time good enough to see him outdo Paolo Necchi. Necchi ended the session 669 thousandths off pole.

Nicolò Piancastrelli pulled it out of the bag as the session came to an end to post 2’01”985. He clocked his quickest lap just as the chequered flag was about to be shown. The series' youngest driver heads Zumerle (2’02”080) and Stefano Gai, whose 2’02”146 was the fastest of the GranTurismo MC GT4 drivers. Next up came Alessandro Pier Guidi.

The new Trofeo Maserati rules award a point to the driver who takes pole. As Ivan Capelli is appearing as a guest, he cannot win championship points and so the first point in the series went to Sergio Rota.





Capelli tops the timesheet but Sundberg takes the points

The race 2 qualifying session again saw Ivan Capelli outpace the pack.

The Milanese driver posted 2’00”208, holding off Peter Sundberg by just a tenth (2’00”349). As in the first session, Capelli needed only six laps to earn pole while the Swedish drove nine.

It is an all-Italian second row after another personal battle between Sergio Rota (2’00”567) and Manuel Villa, just four thousandths down.

Enrico Moncada drove fantastically well to take fifth and close out the twenty minute session with 2’00”703. This time was good enough to beat Paolo Necchi (2’01”551), who was flatter than in session 1.

Two other drivers who did well were the Venezualan Gaetano Ardagna Perez (2’01”554) and Francesco Maggi (2’01”712).

Stefano Gai repeated his exploits in session 1 of qualifying and placed his Trofeo GranTurismo GT4 in ninth overall, just 1"716 off Capelli. In tenth came Roberto Sperati (2’01”985) who finished a place higher than the 2003 Trofeo champion, Emanuele Smurra, who didn't ever get to grips with his car.

Aside from Gai, the GT4 class saw Jonathan Sicart (2’03”524) -second and thirteenth overall – and Ronnie Kessel (2’03”987) - third and fourteenth in all - do well. Bellin and Doeblin also deserve a mention for their drives.

As in Qualifying 1, Capelli's top spot did not carry any championship points and so Sundberg took the point on offer.




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