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Monza - ITA

Capelli tops the first free practice

The Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC officially opened today with free practice at Monza.

In warm spring sunshine twenty-one cars rolled onto the track at eleven o'clock for the first 40 minute session.

The fastest time in session 1 went to Ivan Capelli, a guest driver at the event. The ex-Formula 1 driver, who now commentates for state TV, was the only driver to dip under the two minute barrier (1’59”907). He was four tenths faster than Francesco Maggi (2’00”322) and the Moncada/Petrini duo (2’00”362). Goldstein/Sundberg also drove well to limit the gap to Capelli to just .653.

Overall, there was very little to choose between the Trofeos with ten drivers bunched within two seconds of each other.

Things were also heated in GT4 with Stefano Gai taking the honours of fastest driver(2’01”950, eleventh overall). Next came Kessel/Pier Guidi (2’02”022) and Mariano Bellin (2’03”863).




Free Practice 1

1 11CapelliIvan Capelli1:59.907
2 15MaggiFrancesco Maggi2:00.322
3 9Moncada/PetriniMarco Petrini2:00.362
4 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein2:00.560
5 28Smurra/PiancastelliEmanuele Smurra2:01.152
6 4Zumerle/FrazzaPietro Zumerle2:01.402
7 24VillaManuel Villa2:01.499
8 25PerezGaetano Ardagna Perez2:01.865
9 12Sperati/La MazzaRoberto Sperati2:01.885
10 27RotaSergio Rota2:01.905

Rota quickest in session 2

The second free practice session at Monza saw the pack reshuffled after the morning run.

This was because of the warmer track temperature of 46°C against the 36°C of earlier in the day. Another factor in revolutionising the order was that some drivers opted to run fewer laps than in the morning.

Fastest on the track was Sergio Rota, an old face from the Trofeo series, who stopped the clock at 2’00”532. Next up was Manuel Villa, another driver from the old championship, with a time of 2’01”450. Moncada/Petrini (2’01”476) again placed third and Goldstein/Sundberg (2’01”605) fourth, as in the morning.

In fifth came Paolo Necchi (2’02”063) with a fantastic Stefano Gai just behind in his GT4 (2’02”516). Seventh went to Gaetano Ardagna Perez, from Venezuala, in a time of 2’02”542.






Free Practice 2

1 27RotaSergio Rota2:00.532
2 24VillaManuel Villa2:01.450
3 9Moncada/PetriniMarco Petrini2:01.476
4 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein2:01.605
5 16NecchiPaolo Necchi2:02.063
6 38GaiStefano Gai2:02.516
7 25PerezGaetano Ardagna Perez2:02.542
8 28Smurra/PiancastelliEmanuele Smurra2:02.605
9 12Sperati/La MazzaRoberto Sperati2:02.902
10 15MaggiFrancesco Maggi2:03.247

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