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Back in 2009: Maserati MC12 Second at the Tourist Trophy

Maserati MC12 grazes victory at the Tourist Trophy with the Vitaphone Racing Team Bertolini/Bartels duo's second place.


Indeed, the success of the first round of the FIA GT championship goes to Wendlinger/Sharp (Saleen S7), which nevertheless had to fight for it tooth and nail with the Trident's Italian/German duo in a riveting neck and neck up to the last few minutes. When Bertolini re-entered the track - replacing Bartels - he gained top position thanks to superb teamwork, managing to do the second pit stop in record time. Unfortunately, while it was defending its position against Wendlinger's attack, car 1 was penalized by back markers.
Maserati MC12 no. 2 got a tough break when it was forced to exit the race after about one hour of racing due to a wheel problem. Driven by Miguel Ramos at the time, who had substituted team-mate Alex Mueller just a few laps before, it had been in third place behind Bertolini.
The next stage of the FIA GT championship will be held in Adria on Saturday, 16 May.