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Bartels/Bertolini: a Maserati Triumphs in Algarve

Müller/Ramos make the podium in the Algarve

It was a splendid victory, that of Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12 no. 1 driven by Bartels/Bertolini, in the seventh round of the FIA GT1 World Championship in the Algarve, Portugal, circuit.

After the second place won yesterday in the Qualifying Race, today the Italian/German duo won the Championship Race thanks to a perfect racing strategy and the outstanding work of the entire team. Bertolini started off from first row in the grid and was able to maintain his second position in close contact with Dumbreck/Krumm's Nissan GT-R no. 23, building the foundation for a splendid Vitaphone Racing Team pit stop.


18/09/2010 Portimao

01Dumbreck / Krumm1:01:00.8
02Bertolini / Bartels+2.474
03Hennerici / Margaritis+9.222
04Turner / Enge+26.210
05Mutsch / Westbrook+29.079
06Heger / Müller+39.464
07Jousse / Maassen+39.581
08Pastorelli / Schwager+39.982
09Campbell-Walter / Hughes+40.108
10Makowiecki / Clairay+40.428


19/09/2010 Portimao

01Bertolini / Bartels1:00:19.7
02Mutsch / Westbrook+1.402
03Hennerici / Margaritis+15.482
04Dumbreck / Krumm+24.623
05Martin / Leinders+31.945
06Makowiecki / Clairay+32.483
07Kox / Haase+32.850
08Kechele / Menten+34.845
09Heger / Müller+41.948
10Turner / Enge+43.495



Comments after the race
Andrea Bertolini - Maserati MC12 no.1 - Vitaphone Racing Team - "This is the weekend we were hoping for."


Comments after the warm up
Alex Mueller (No.33 Maserati MC 12 – Triple H Team Hegersport): "We did well yesterday when we finished sixth in the Qualifying Race."


Comments after the Qualifying Race
Micheal Bartels (Vitaphone Racing Team – Maserati MC12 N.1) – "It was a good race, we had good pace, I was able to get close up behind Michael (Krumm) and Alex (Margaritas) but of course its difficult then to overtake."