Nürburgring - DEU


Bertolini/Bartels fifth in qualifying

Finally the weather improved and the drivers were able to contest this morning’s qualifying session in the dry. Still, the temperatures were far from usual for the end of August with the track at 12°C and the air temperature at 10°C.

Bertolini, Longin, Ramos and Heger all took to the track in the first twenty minutes but only the first two made it through to Q2, passing on the baton to their respective team mates: Bartels and Pier Guidi.
The two drivers were super quick and came into the pits when first and second in qualification had been secured. However, their times were later beaten as the track conditions improved and other drivers were able to up the pace.
In Q3 Andrea Bertolini’s No.1 car set the fifth best time with Belgian Longin’s No.34 in sixth.
The Championship Race is planned for this afternoon from 14.15 to 15.15.