Race track

Nürburgring - DEU


Nurburgring circuit

Little remains of the terrible, old Nürburgring, a circuit that has passed into Formula 1 history.

The 22 810km and 173 curves which formed the Nordschleife and where the drivers made the crucial difference, have given way to a ‘modern’ track made up of short, decisive straights, chicanes and slow curves.

The circuit is still fast and enjoyable to drive. In order to make an impression on it, it is fundamental to have a well-balanced vehicle and with a chassis able to support the driver’s style. The surface here is very smooth but it develops ‘movement’ in some places, which makes for a lively, testing drive. It is not necessary to brake especially hard at any point of the ‘Ring, but the tyres come under considerable stress.

The circuit, in fact, is known for its understeer. There are some tricky stretches on the circuit. One, taking the place of the old Castrol ‘S’, is the new ‘Mercedes Arena’, the entrance of which offers a good overtaking point. The Dunlop hairpin bend requires careful negotiation, both going into it, and coming out. Even though there are not too many overtaking points – the last of which is the Veedol chicane – the German track often generates hard-fought, exciting races.