Navarra - ESP

Bartels/Bertolini Increase their Advantage in the Classification

Bartels/Bertolini driving Vitaphone Racing Team’s Maserati MC12 no. 1 consolidated their leadership in the championship at the end of the eighth round of the FIA GT1 World Championship contended this weekend at the new circuit in Navarra, northern Spain.

The reigning champions earn a further eight points over their closest adversary, Thomas Mutsch, who had to leave the race due to an accident. Two rounds away from the conclusion of the championship, they are now at 130 points against the German driver’s 95. The leadership still belongs to Maserati, which is still on top in the car maker’s Trofeo SRO and team categories.



Post Qualifying Race comments
Alex Mueller: "I got off to a good start and the car responded really well."


Post qualifying comments
Nico Verdonck: "This is my second race in this field with Maserati; I'm very happy to be back again and to finish second in qualifying thanks to a good drive by Alessandro is just magnificent."


24/10/2010 Navarra

01Zonta / Kechele01:36.555
02Pier Guidi / Verdonck+4.548
03Martin / Leinders+34.111
04Jani / Amindo+34.243
05Campbell-Walter / Hughes+37.406
06Longin / Müller+42.316
07Bertolini / Bartels+50.127
08Bouchut / Basseng+56.593
09Makowiecki / Clairay+01:04.7
10Westbrook / Mutsch+01:07.5


24/10/2010 Navarra

01Zonta / Kechele1:01:30.476
02Makowiecki / Clairay+11.897
03Campbell-Walter / Hughes+12.352
04Turner / Enge+12.968
05Schwager / Pastorelli+30.362
06Martin / Leinders+36.026
07Bertolini / Bartels+40.311
08Bernoldi / Ramos+50.589
09Jani / Amindo+51.023
10Hennerici / Margaritis+1:00.070