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Bernoldi/Negrao's Maserati MC12 Wins in Interlagos

The Brazilian duo Bernoldi/Negrao, driving Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12 no. 2 in the next-to-last round of the GT1 World Championship in Interlagos, Brazil, had a splendid Championship Race victory. The two drivers were able to reach the finish line first after starting off from fourth position. They took full advantage of the pit stop mechanics' excellent work and proceeded to overtake Hennerici/Margaritis's Corvette first, then left Turner/Enge's Aston Martin behind them. Their passage in front of the checkered flag was acclaimed by the crowd that filled the racetrack's stands (20 thousand spectators).

Driving Maserati MC12 no. 1, team-mates Bartels/Bertolini concluded in ninth position, in a race that was careful and prudent for them. They earned two more precious points for the fight in the driver's classification, which, one round away from the end, still has the leading with 28 points over their closest contenders: Turner/Enge.




Post Championship Race comments
Andrea Bertolini: "It was, without a doubt, a difficult weekend working to find the best set up. "


Post warm-up comments
Andrea Bertolini: "We have the heaviest car in GT1 and the ballast makes things even more complicated."


Post Qualifying Race comments
Enrique Bernoldi: «The car felt very good although we have gone a bit aggressive on set-up today so we might be a bit more conservative for tomorrow to be a bit easier on the tyres».


27/11/2010 Interlagos

01Enge / Turner1:01:33.367
02Dumbreck / Krumm+ 9.032
03Piccione / Hirschi+ 9.736
04Bernoldi / Negrao+ 22.763
05Schwager / Pastorelli+ 24.814
06Hennerici / Margaritis+ 27.297
07Jani / Armindo+ 27.390
08Bertolini / Bartels+ 38750
09Kox / Haase+ 39.093
10Heger / Müller + 42.679


28/11/2010 Interlagos

01Bernoldi / Negrao 1:01:23.296
02Enge / Turner + 2.348
03Hennerici / Margaritis + 5.874
04Piccione / Hirschi + 6.077
05Martin / Leinders + 9.060
06Dumbreck / Krumm + 10.574
07Schwager / Pastorelli + 11.367
08Jani / Armindo + 22.358
09Bertolini / Bartels + 22.925
10Heger / Müller + 23.225