Comments after the qualifying race


Comments after the qualifying race

Michael Bartels - Vitaphone Racing Team: "I got off to a solid start."

Michael Bartels - Vitaphone Racing Team: " Starting is never easy but I like these parts of a race. I knew it would not be easy defending the position I had from the Aston Martin or the Nissan but I managed to hold onto the lead at turn 1 and this proved crucial.

I tried to make the tyres last as long as possible. I noticed that it was clouding over and I was sure I’d have to pit but waited to see if it would rain or not before coming in.

The pit stop went really smoothly and the whole team worked well together. It was a great Saturday for us and I would like to thank Michelin for the tyres, Maserati and my team mate, Andrea. These are solid points and we are happy to have won them.

Andrea Bertolini - Vitaphone Racing Team: "I pulled in for the pit stop when I had a 5 or 6 second lead on the Nissan and I managed to maintain this and go on to control things. The team was superb and the car was very well balanced. I think that this is one of the circuits that best suits the Maserati. We are pleased but now need to earn important championship points in tomorrow’s Championship Race; today is just the Saturday. It will be fundamental to get off to a good start".

Altrfrid Heger – Triple H Team Hegersport: "I am upset about the injury in the pits. I came into the pit lane behind a Lamborghini and this meant that I didn’t have a clear view of our garage. As for the car itself, it was is good shape and we made up a few places at the start. We are always there or thereabouts and I think we could do well tomorrow".