Comments after races

Alessandro Pier Guidi

Comments after Race 2

Alessandro Pier Guidi: “We were quick in qualifying and in the races, winning both».

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «Today was a bit trickier. The pack was closer and I really had to push hard to stay out in front. It was doubly satisfying as this is the first time that I have swept the board alone. It has happened in the past but I always had another driver alongside me».













Comments after Race 1

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «I am over the moon at winning on my debut in this series.»

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «I would like to thank Maserati for giving me this opportunity. Things went really well, even though I didn’t fell like pushing too hard at the start and slipped a few places. These are long races at 40 minutes and so I had time to come back. I soon caught and overtook the leader, in an Aston Martin. He was quicker in a straight line but struggled when he had to brake. I stepped on the gas trying to build up a lead and crossed the finish line all on my own».